Upgrading the performance of your vehicle by installing exhaust systems, intakes, tuning packages, suspension and body kits will increase the performance of your vehicle. But it may not pass the current Australian Federal and state regulations for what is a permitted modification for road use. It is therefore recommended that the parts sold by M.a.B Tuning be used for track purposes only and or for competition racing. M.a.B Tuning and any affiliate mechanic is not liable for the incorrect use of these parts. You acknowledge that MaB Tuning has made you aware that certain parts are intended for Racing Competition Only and not meant to be used on a road car. You absolve MaB Tuning for any and all burden of responsibility in ensuring your car satisfies regulations set forth by Federal, State, and/or Local governing agencies.


MaB Tuning is under no circumstances liable for any damages /or for any damages caused by hidden mechanical flaws or defects in connection with the vehicle/ before, during or after the vehicle is/was tested/tuned or performance upgrades were installed on the car.