About Us


What we do?

MaB Tuning is an Australian based company that supplies high quality and affordable performance parts for cars. We take the guess work out of modifying your car. If you buy a parts from us we ensure that these parts will fit your car and we offer installation. 



Which areas we service ?

MaB Tuning is based in Melbourne Australia. We service the entire metropolitan Melbourne.  Stay tuned and we will get to your area shortly.
Current Service Areas: Melbourne Metro: 3000-3207


Ever since I saw Jeremy Clarkson thrash the BMW m3 e46 CSL around the infamous Isle of man back in 2003. I fell in love with the spirit of driving and taming fast cars. It’s the ability to control the swing of rear end as I power out of corners or having the precision driving skill to keep the front end  true  as I clip the apex’s,  it’s also the throttle blimps from my exhaust roaring as I downshift or the heads that turn when they see my sleeper car destroy super cars on track, or the countless people I have met at cars shows with insane car builds.
To put it simply driving cars and talking about cars is electrifying and I would love to share these experiences with the rest of the world and in doing so I can hopefully inspire a new generation of car enthusiasts.
I have worked in the Australian car industry for the last 4 years , in sales at multiple dealerships and working for the largest car enthusiast insurance provider in Australia. I have bought and sold multiple auction cars and have a very through knowledge of industry here. 
I am BMW fanboy and own two myself. You can view them in the youtube channel I have made for the shop.
When I wanted to modify my first car which was the BMW 328I (apart from my mums Toyota Rav4) I found it difficult to find somebody in Australia that would offer high quality parts at a affordable price. If they did offer the parts they wouldn't include installation or they would charge me an arm and a  leg to do the work.