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Phone number :04 7320 7750

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Monday- Friday : 9:00am- 6:00 pm 


Do we ship International?

Yes please check below for Shipping Information.


We offer 12 month warranty on all MaB Tuning Products

The warranty we provide only covers for manufacturing faults. Any form of physical damages on the surface or structure caused by the customer is not covered in this warranty. Any type of body part or free bulbs are not covered in this warranty.


Regardless of any postage insurance, all the claims regarding missing parts, damaged parts, or components, will only be entertained if they are reported in the next 7 days upon the receipt of the order. 

After this 7 day window, all such claims will be denied.


All the parts that are sold are covered with a 12-month warranty. The warranty is provided by the manufacturer. The warranty applies to all the parts that are purchased. However, exceptions can be made at the time while listing the proper descriptions. 


The warranty does not cover the labor expense or any other expense related to the purchase or postage of the part. The warranty only covers the cost that is linked with the replacement of parts.


If the customer needs to send any faulty or defective parts back to MaB Tuning for further repair or assessment, the postage cost will be paid by the customer. MaB Tuning will perform further assessments to analyze the fault. If the part is deemed to be defective due to manufacturing faults, we will offer a full refund of the cost of the item less shipping. We recommend to use our trusted technicians to install the parts to avoid this situation.


In case of the unavailability of a replacement part, MaB Tuning will refund the original purchase price of the part to the customer.


In any case the liability will not exceed the cost of any item paid at the time of purchase. The parts supplied by MaB Tuning are to be installed by a qualified and certified mechanic. Any defect due to improper installation will not be covered by the warranty. An invoice stating when and where the parts was installed is required if processing a refund. MaB Tuning will not refund any labor costs involved with installing our parts unless the installation was done through our trusted technicians.

Warranty not applicable;

  • If the damages that have occurred to the product are because of its misuse or changes that are outside the scope of product design.
  • In case of incidental or consequential damages as mentioned in The MAB TUNING general terms.
  • In case of labour charges or the charges that are given to someone who has performed the work other than MAB TUNING.


To the degree allowed by appropriate law, any inferred warranty is thus rejected. This warranty is planned to give you explicit legitimate rights. Notwithstanding the rights portrayed in this, you may likewise have different rights that change from state to state or nation to nation regarding the rejection or utilization of suggested guarantees.


If you would like help installing these MaB Tuning Parts on your car. We work with numerous shops Australia Wide .

If you would like help with how to install the parts. We can organise a videocall to help you out.


  • No refunds will be offered on tunes once ecu has been flashed 



If parts have been organised to be fitted and installed to a vehicle and a customer doesn't attend the scheduled appointment  and or the vehicle isn't in good mechanical working order. We can offer a solution to diagnose the issue with the car and or fix the mechanical problem. MaB Tuning reserves the rights to void the installation. MaB Tuning wont offer a refund after the parts have been ordered and are ready to be installed into the vehicle. MaB Tuning won’t offer a refund if the exhaust system has been lost during shipping. However we will replace the system. Please allow for 20 additional business days for shipping. MaB Tuning will provide the parts ordered  for the specified vehicle upon request and full payment for the parts have been received. If the customer would like the parts installed after the initial appointment has been missed without any consultation or reason for missing the appointment the customer will be charged an extra installation charge for the labour costs involved in installing the parts. We will hold the parts organised for the installation for two weeks after the scheduled appointments as  been missed. We will contact you to reorganise for the second installation date. If the second installation date has been missed without the customer will forfeit  the deposit paid for the items. 

Returns and Exchanges

MaB Tuning doesn't offer a change of mind policy.

Returns and Exchanges- Sale Terms

  • For the customers purchasing from us for the first time, the company may require further identification proof and proof of the payment. After the verification of the payment process and identity, the company will tag these new customers as MAB TUNING customers.
  • MAB TUNING  have the right to refuse any order.
  • MAB TUNING have the right to refuse payments through credit cards.
  • In case of certain order values, bank transfers may be required.
  • The company does not process the order until the customer has paid the full charges.
  • Performance parts sold by MaB Tuning are not endorsed by the car manufacturer and may void the  car manufacturer's warranty. Performance parts sold by MaB tuning are high quality tested products and are  intended to push the cars power past the manufacture's specified power outputs and therefore may damage the components of the car.

Late Payments

If a payments plan has been set place. The customers agrees to make payments as discussed and agreed to. Late payment will cost $100 on top of the invoiced amount regardless of circumstances.


Contact us before sending the products back. Before any return, the customer must email  or Facebook message the MAB tuning staff. The customer must mention in detail the reasons for the return of the item. To address the issue properly, the customer must also attach pictures of the items in the email and send the email at Pictures are required in case of bad fitment or broken parts.


If we agree for the return of the item from the customer, the customer will be provided with a Return Number (RN) and return address via email. The customer has to send the items  back on the return address mentioned in the email with our return conditions being met. The products must not be damaged in any way. If bolts on any product sold by us are rounded off due to improper installation, no refund will be offered. Warranty is only applicable to customers  who use  a certified mechanic.


At the time of return, the customer should ensure that the items are properly packed the way they were packed at the time of purchase). The customer can also add extra packaging while returning the items. The absence of an RN number on the package, or in case of receiving damaged or non-reusable/resalable items the company may send the package back to the customer at customers’ own delivery cost. In some cases, the company may offer a partial refund depending upon the condition of the items received. We may contact the customer for further notice regarding any issue or refund.


The customer must return the items to MAB Tuning  through Australia post or any suitable courier service depending upon the type of item you are returning. However, if MaB Tuning  is responsible for postage dues ( we will let you know if we are responsible), the customer must contact MAB TUNING  before returning any item, so that the company may decide the best courier service depending upon their service and type of item.


Regardless of the reason for the return, MaB Tuning  will not be responsible for paying the postage cost if the customer has returned the items without the consent of the company. MaB Tuning  will not pay the refund to the customer if the customer has sent the items for a return without our consent and without tracking and the items get lost during the transit.


MaB Tuning  strongly advises its customers to get the items insured before returning the products. MaB Tuning will only pay the return postage cost of the orders that were dispatched wrongly by the company. All other shipping costs will be borne by the customer.


The company reserves the right to perform required tests on the items ( if possible ) to establish the proper cause of the defect. The company will replace the item or refund the cost of the item within 14 days after receiving the product from the customer. In case of products that were returned due to incorrect ordering on the customer side, the customer will be charged with the restocking fee which will be equal to the original shipping fee, handling fee, and fifteen (15%) percent of the original cost of the item. The customer must ensure the presence of RN on the package at the time of exchange or return, in case of the absence of RN the company reserves the right to not process your return.


The products are NOT eligible for any kind of exchange or return if the products have been painted, installed  incorrectly .


Damaged Products

  • The company ensures the best packaging of the product to prevent the product from getting damaged during shipping. However, in case of any uneventful occurrence which damages the product during shipping, contact the company immediately and briefly explain the extent of the damage.
  • The company is not responsible for any damage that has occurred during the shipping because our professionals ensure the correct and proper packaging of the products.
  • We advise to take pay for shipping insurance for pre-fabricated body parts , due to the high volume of packages going through the postal system , we can’t guarantee that the products won’t get damaged during the postal processing and by having postage insurance there is peace of mind for you to order .


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  • Downpipe: $150.00
  • Catback Exhaust: $300


  • Downpipe $150.00
  • Catback Exhaust : $400

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MaB Tuning is an Australian based company that supplies high quality and affordable performance parts for cars. We take the guess work out of modifying your car. If you buy a parts from us we ensure that these parts will fit your car and we offer installation.