Rude Customers

Rude Customers Examples

Customer brought in a 2014 Mercedes Benz CLA 250 for a Stage two package:

Before tuning any vehicle or adding performance to car a tuner would check that the car has a full service history and the customer understands how to maintain their vehicle. When this particular customers service books were checked the car hasn't any of the necessary servicing completed  since 31000kms . I consulted the customer on when the following parts were changed , spark plugs , coil packs and oil and he had advised me  that he doesn't know if any of these parts have been changed. He insisted on still getting the work done to the car and getting the car tuned even though I advised him to address these issues first.  All the parts were installed correctly on the car and we proceeded to tune the car based the customers instance to get it done regardless .  When we turned the boost up we noticed the blow off valve wasn't working correctly . We then asked the customer  who installed the blow off valve and the customer stated he has installed  it himself . The customer picked the car up as I referred him to European car specialist , he brought the car back to us a couple days later and told us that we broke the aircon and there was foul smell coming from the unit when the customer  turns it on , we proceeded to help him and we removed the aircon fan to  find a rat stuck in the fan . He expected us to repair this for free and not charge him . He took the car to a European car specialist and he advised me that the aftermarket blow off valve was installed incorrectly and it wasn't seated correctly in the turbo housing and the seal might be broken . The customer than called our shop and proceeded to  abuse us saying that we need to fix this issue for free. To add to that he blamed us for breaking his air-condition unit and wanted that work to be done for free as well. Due to the rudeness of the customer we will not be working on his car anymore. 

Please see attached photos 

1) the customer left  an amazing google review at first then he asked me to retune and fix his car for free and has then got his friends to write bad reviews on our google page 

2) Exhaust fitment

The customers car left the workshop . He has installed tips on the car that don't fit the car to make our business look bad.



Another customer brought in there CLA250 and he had advised  me that he switched from the same aftermarket blow off valve that was causing issues on the ClA250 above to a Turbo smart blow off valve , it solved the issue

You can see the turbosmart valve in the customers car in the photo below .