Collection: Titanium Valvetronic Exhaust Systems

All systems are constructed from Grade 5  Titanium including, front pipe, mid pipe and rear Valvetronic cat back system.

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Difference between Titanium and stainless steel?

Titanium exhausts increase the aggressiveness of the exhaust note and are perfect for the car enthusiasts want a very unique exhaust note track days machines, this is due to the ear-shattering loudness. Titanium exhausts will glisten on your show car.

  • Titanium exhausts way 40% less than stainless steel.
  • Titanium has a higher strength to weight ratio than steel.
  • Titanium is less susceptible to corrosion; hence why it is also used in the human body.
  • Puts your car in the upper echelon of performance and style.
  • If you are taking your car to car shows the titanium exhausts will definitely stand out amongst all the other cars.

Titanium exhaust systems are recommended if you do a lot of coastal driving and or live on the coast of Australia. As with all car parts sea salt wreaks havoc on your car and titanium being a less corrosive metal is perfectly suited to this. 

Personal Opinion

Regardless of what the tuning world says about your car. It's your whip, and you can do whatever modification you want to it. The personal satisfaction you get from knowing you have the best exhaust in the world with the best material utilized is only something you can only really appreciate. If you are going to take your car to the track, I would recommend getting a titanium exhaust as the weight savings alongside lightweight wheels, and a stripped interior is phenomenal. But if this is your daily driver, it would be more cost-effective to install a stainless steel exhaust as apart of the exhaust note you aren't going to reap the full benefits of the titanium exhaust.


These exhaust systems are made to order :

  • Delivery Time: 
    • Titanium: 5-8 weeks