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2015-2019 BMW 125i F20 - Valvetronic System

2015-2019 BMW 125i F20 - Valvetronic System

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Unleash the power within your BMW 125i F20 with the ultimate performance upgrade: the Valvetronic System. Engineered to elevate your driving experience from ordinary to extraordinary, this cutting-edge technology delivers unparalleled precision and power.

Say goodbye to conventional throttle mechanisms and hello to a dynamic symphony of control. The Valvetronic System seamlessly adjusts valve lift and duration, optimizing airflow and fuel efficiency with each twist of the throttle. Feel the rush as your engine responds with lightning-fast agility, propelling you from 0 to 60 in mere seconds.

Designed to meet the demands of the modern driver, the Valvetronic System transforms your BMW 125i F20 into a true masterpiece of automotive engineering. Whether you're navigating city streets or tearing up the open road, experience the thrill of pure performance like never before.

Upgrade your ride and ignite your passion for driving with the BMW 125i F20 Valvetronic System. Elevate your journey, one exhilarating revolution at a time

Product Highlights

  • Mandrel Bend used
  • Hand Crafted Tig Welds
  • On average, these systems increase power and torque :
    • 10- 15 Hp
    • 15-40 Nm
  • Made from the highest grade T304 stainless steel
  • perfect  for track usage
  • Valvetronic Design - Car has race mode and quiet mode; it can easily be switched using the wireless remote
  • Sound: Aggressive and loud.
  • rear tips: dual outlet 


Before purchasing read the FAQ pages:

 BMW 125i Valvetronic Exhaust 

 Exhaust  Configuration  Diameter
Mid pipe  4.00 Inch


Exhaust System Details 

  • 4 inch midpipes
  • Center resonator 
  • Valvetronic Mufflers with dual valves
  • Quad tips 4 inch in your choice of colours 
    • Burnt blue 
    • Stainless steel 
    • Gold
    • Black 
  • Wireless remote to control the valves



If you would like the Valvetronic system professionally fitted, please us contact via our email: .

Valvetronic Exhaust Sound Clips-

Valvetronic Exhaust + Downpipe + Bootmod3 Stage Two Tune




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