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BMW M3 F80 & M4F82 Midpipe Upgrade- 3.5" high flow Single Midpipe

BMW M3 F80 & M4F82 Midpipe Upgrade- 3.5" high flow Single Midpipe

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3.5" High Flow Stainless Single Midpipe 

 Introducing the best-sounding exhaust setup for the BMW M3 & M4 S55 platform. A high flow performance midpipe that converts the dual midpipe stock setup into a single midpipe. The key to making the S55 engine sounding better is to increase the diameter of the exhaust pipe in a single section, as the 2.5-inch dual midpipe stock setup doesn't offer enough volume per exhaust pipe to deliver a deep note. Large diameter piping equates to a deeper and more aggressive exhaust notes. By also making the midpipe high flowing it allows for a quicker turbo spool, this factor increases the power of the car up to 18hp (13 kW) and 30 ftlb ( 40nm). Using the latest 3D scanning technology we have developed a single mid-pipe to fit both the F80 M3 and the F82 M4

Underbody Brace

  • To accommodate for the larger diameter piping we have designed an underbody brace that increases the room available for exhaust piping. The OEM brace is to flat and doesn't allow for a larger exhaust piping diameter than 3 inches. The included underbody brace allows for extra clearance, reduces the dreaded in cabin droning from the exhaust touching against the brace and the car retains its OEM rigidity.

Key Features 

  • 3.5" inch high flow performance midpipe
  • TIG welds
  • Quicker turbo spool
  • Weight saving: 8 kgs or 17lbs over stock midpipe
  • Increases power up to 18hp (13 kW) and 30 ft lb ( 40nm)
  • More aggressive exhaust note. Pop and bang tunes will sound much more crisper
  • Fits all BMW M3 and M4 RHD and LHD
  • Will bolt up to all aftermarket downpipes and stock downpipes

Kit Includes 

  • All necessary clamps and bolts
  • Underbody brace for extra clearance 


  • 10-20 Business days 
  • World Wide

It is recommended that this product be installed by a professional. The stock exhaust needs to be cut to fit the new midpipe 

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